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Redwerk’s Dev Meetup #44

February 18, 2021

Hi friends!

On Thursday, February 25, we are happy to invite everyone to join Redwerk’s Dev Meetup # 44 in the Zoom!

❗️👀 Be sure to register at:

The theme of this meetup is "Boosting Communication".

You will get excellent practical reports from the project management gurus, the warm atmosphere of the Zoom conference, the opportunity to ask questions and talk to the speakers.

😎 Who will be interested in visiting our Meetup?

- Project managers in IT with several years of experience who want to become more efficient.

- PM in related fields that plan to move to IT over time.

- Beginners in PM who seek to gain experience and knowledge in communications.

Speakers of this meetup:

🗣️ Artem Ovhannisyan, Senior Engineering Manager at GlobalLogic - 19:00-19:40

📍 Topic: "Visual Thinking: How to simply convey your thoughts"

✔ About the performance:

- How to improve communication efficiency

- Visual support that works

- Why a picture is better than words

- Fundamentals of visual thinking

- How does visualization help in real projects

- Why did Einstein think so

✔ About the speaker:

- Has been involved in project management for more than 10 years, which, according to Artem, can be judged by his gray beard

- Certificates: PMP, KMP II, ICP, SA, Management 3.0

🗣️ Lera Mashiro, Project manager at Redwerk - 19: 50-20:30

📍 Topic: "Management of project changes"

✔ About the performance:

- Identification of project changes

- System approach to work with change requests

- How to stop worrying and start loving changes

✔ About the speaker:

- Worked at for 2.5 years

- 4 years of PM experience in IT

- For almost 3 years in the Redwerk team

❗️ IMPORTANT: We have launched a campaign on Tabletochki so that each guest can thank the speaker for the speech at their own discretion and thus help children with cancer.

Our goal for this meetup is to collect UAH 1,000. are as many as 5 vials of the antitumor drug doxorubicin. We hope that together we will succeed!

Don't miss our meeting!

All you need is a computer or a phone and the internet.

Price: free

Duration: 1.5 hours


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We are waiting!

Your Redwerk team.

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