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Redwerk on the map of the Zaporizhzhia IT market

Redwerk on the map of the Zaporizhzhia IT market

October 21, 2020

In February, DOU film crew visited Redwerk office to prepare a report on the largest players on the Zaporizhzhia IT market.

Six years ago, DOU published a similar review, and then, according to their estimates, 1-2 thousand IT specialists worked in the city, and 30 IT companies were registered in the DOU database. This time in the article you can find out how the IT market of Zaporizhia is developing and how it is today, and pay a virtual visit to the offices of several successful companies.

About us

Redwerk is one of the first players in the IT industry in the region. Founded back in 2005, Redwerk currently unites 60 specialists in Zaporizhzhia and Kyiv. We are one of the pioneers in the tech sector of the city and are very proud of being able to become one of the most attractive employers in the development and QA testing of technological solutions. Our key customers and partners come to us from the USA, Western Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. From creating innovative cloud applications to upgrading legacy systems, we help existing companies transform with modern technology.

Our office

So that our employees can feel as comfortable as possible, Redwerk paid special attention to creating our workspace. In the video report, our colleagues made a short tour of the office for you so that you can feel our atmosphere. We are proud to have a cool view of the city, from the 13th floor. Much attention is also paid to eco-initiatives and conscious consumption, which is why we use our own cutlery, reusable dishes, and only paper cups in the kitchen. Trash is always being sorted.

Our office is bright and spacious, with a large territory of open space, as well as cozy areas for individual departments.

Learn more about the specifics and details of working at Redwerk from the video made by DOU for us. Our Project manager Marina and designer Julia talk about their impressions of working at Redwerk and show our cozy office.

Welcome to Redwerk!

Comment from our CEO

Our CEO and founder Konstantin Klyagin commented on the specifics of conducting an IT business in Zaporizhzhia specially for the DOU:


Our Zaporizhzhia branch was the first one opened, and we have been working in the city for a very long time - since 2005. Apart from us, there were maximum 2-3 companies in a similar area. During all this time, we have witnessed many things: the growing popularity of IT as a prestigious and profitable profession, the growth of salaries, and the ups and downs of competitors. It is important to note the increase in the professional level of specialists in the labor market. There are a lot of talented people who are really interested in what they do.

The peculiarity of Zaporizhzhia lies in its industrialism. Here, finding and hiring a steelmaker is easier than an IT specialist. Therefore, in Redwerk, we feel ourselves to be a part of a post-industrial revolution. Roughly speaking, we re-qualify factory workers as hipsters. Sometimes we do take young specialists with working experience in the factory, show them the world, Western customers, and the comfort of work. Believe me, this is a big contrast.

The advantage of Zaporizhzhia is that the city is small, everyone knows each other, especially within a specific professional group. There is no problem with traffic jams, parking, and transportation. Living here is relatively cheap, which means you can afford a lot of things for an IT salary.

The downside is that young people often move to larger cities. Mainly to Dnipro, Kharkiv, and Kyiv. On the other hand, those who are fixed, whose children have them, stay here, because it’s easier to leave kids with grandparents and to buy their own real estate.

Like other Ukrainian cities, Zaporizhzhia is following a development path that is catching up. Roughly speaking, Zaporizhzhia is now the Dnipro 2 years ago. The Dnipro is Kharkiv two years ago, and Kyiv two years ago. Or 3, or 5. That is, with the advent of quality, leisure opportunities, infrastructure, the outflow will be reduced, we believe in it.

How is it to work at Redwerk

We have created all conditions for the employee to feel good, appreciate her work, and happily work on projects. We are focused on the result and satisfaction of employees, therefore there is the possibility of remote work according to the preferences of employees, a sick leave and vacation system, a library of modern professional literature, as well as free English courses in the office.

You can familiarize yourself with many of our projects on the website in the “Case studies” section.

However, we are not only working. The Redwerk team is one big family, with pizza parties, movie evenings and board games, paintball competitions, 3 corporate parties per year, yes! New Year's Party, the company's birthday event in June, and a summer corporate seaside trip in August.

Learn more on DOU

160 IT companies located in Zaporizhzhia are registered at Approximately the same number is called by representatives of the local IT market. We are undoubtedly proud to be among them.

You can learn more about market conditions from an article on the DOU website.

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